Java Expertise

The Java programming language provides a flexible, scalable, and secure way to develop domain specific solutions for finance, healthcare, e-commerce, marketing, insurance, and telecommunication industries. Having 20 years of experience in software development, the Lunatech dedicated Java development team can create a dynamic, adaptable, and extensible solution for your company.  We offer research as well as development services to deliver a tangible and result-driven product. We employ the full-cycle Java development services and guarantee their delivery. Let us implement your perfect result-oriented product in accordance to your most sophisticated business requirements.

Scala Expertise

We are Scala Experts and have been working with Scala and related technologies for years. We use the Lightbend Reactive Platform on a daily basis.  We can handle everything from Content Management Systems written in Play to an intricate system of microservices in Lagom.  We contribute to diverse Scala open source projects and present at numerous conferences. Using our software development services in Scala, your company can save both valuable time and precious resources by guaranteeing your application is well tested and designed.

Our expert developers have significant experience with programming in Scala and are always excited about the simplicity and power that Scala offers. We vow to make your software bug free and progressive in nature.

Systems Integration

Over time, your organisation accumulated IT systems that became isolated. New challenges arise and your organisation now needs to gather data over multiple systems and combine, transform and redistribute it to your customers in a secure way. We help you transforming your IT landscape, bridging the gap between your legacy applications and your new applications. Together, we make your IT systems sustainable, evolutive, communicative and cost effective. We consolidate and simplify your existing information system while adding extra features.


The DevOps movement emerged to bridge the gap between developers and operations. Our experts will support you with implementing, auditing and improving this mindset in your organisation. We know how to use DevOps tools in the cloud or at a data center to automate specific software development tasks, monitor and deploy software on demand, scale up or down services and understand cloud architectures. You can count on us to automate your entire software delivery process.

Big Data

Modern data flows demand storage organisation and processing on a massive scale while keeping alive existing information systems. We have the expertise to provide an architecture for Big Data, using distributed storage and processing on cloud or on-premises infrastructure. We develop processing applications on streaming or stored data. We also use Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence frameworks to help exploit data in intelligent and evolving systems to automate valuable business tasks.

Front End

Providing visualisation and interaction is key to performing systems. We build custom dashboards, websites and responsive web applications to get insights in the large systems you run, to provide business intelligence and improve communication. Our UI and UX designers will guide you through a constructive journey where you will focus on the essentials to get the highest value, quality and user engagement. We use the latest technologies and we don’t shy away from old ones when needed.