Joining Lunatech

Joining Lunatech means integrating a group of developers. Everyone knows how to code and strives to serve our clients best.

We are looking for passionate developers with a team spirit and the sense of service to satisfy our customers. An excellent English level is required. For us, the senior developer knows how to efficiently find and appropriately use the information necessary to make themselves, their project, their team and Lunatech progress. Lunatech is the right place to grow into one.

Open Positions

Software Engineer

Rotterdam, NL

Software Developer

Amsterdam, NL

Open Application


Recruitment Process


Getting to know each other

With a video call or at the office. The purpose is to understand why you applied, why we invited you, and see if we'd be a match.

Technical Assessment

We send you a small technical assessment to do within a week.

Technical Assessment Analysis

This is a physical meeting or a video call, where you walk us through your solution, your design choices and where you decided to cut corners. See it as a code review with your peers.

Final Interview

Finally, we'll discuss the conditions and see if we can come to an agreement. At the end of this meeting we'll make you an offer, you'll have a week to think it through and ask questions in the meantime. We hope you'll accept!