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We believe
in simplicity.

Working closely with our clients, we ensure that their business needs are understood and met. With long-standing relationships of over 20 years, we work to achieve timely deliveries, maintainable systems, and simple solutions.

From 100k
to 15k lines of Code.

Our focus on what we must achieve and a profound understanding of your business guarantees a smarter and more efficient code.

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& services

Java, Kotlin & Scala

With 30 years of experience in IT consulting, we offer diverse technologies to meet your immediate needs and foster future growth.


The DevOps movement bridges the gap between developers and operations. Our experts will support you with implementing, auditing and improving this mindset throughout your organisation.


We build custom dashboards, websites and responsive web applications to get an insight into the large systems you run, provide business intelligence and improve communication.

Big data

We have the expertise to provide an architecture for Big Data. We also use machine learning and artificial intelligence frameworks to help create value.

Machine learning

We design and implement intelligent systems that learn and improve over time.

Test automation

We automate testing and make sure test are running prior to deployment. We also take care of writing test scenarios.

System integration

We help you transform your IT landscape by bridging the gap between your old and new applications. Together, we make your systems more sustainable, modern, scalable, communicative and cost-effective.





Trusted by global businesses

We work with the best minds from groundbreaking companies.
Our software engineering expertise gives them the space to experiment and conduct research, dream, grow and excel.

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